• All building operations, including demolition work; painting and plastering not elsewhere rated; tombstone erection; construction of swimming pools, including maintenance not undertaken as a separate business; electrical contractors; (where the above mentioned building operations involve work in connection with buildings over two storeys or other structures over 12m in height the risk may be specially rated)



  • (i) Installation of composition floors; wooden floor surfacing and laying, erection of ceilings; gas fitting and plumbing including domestic drain laying where such operations are incidental to the business of a plumber; sports ground construction; asphalt contracting as a separate business; installation of fire protection devices, landscape gardening; domestic gardening services; floor and wall tiling; pavement construction, anti-soil erosion work.
  • (ii) Window cleaning.
  • (iii) Sign erection including sign writing on buildings.
  • (iv) Maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools as a separate business.



  • Any tunnelling, rock drilling and/or blasting in connection with any structure or waterworks not elsewhere stated, or in connection with sanitary engineering and/or sewerage construction; well sinking
  • Note: Only the direct wages expended on these operations should be segregated unless the employer undertakes tunnelling, rock drilling and/or blasting as a business when all wages incidental to general wages are subject to this rate.



  • Water boring and any other drilling activities not elsewhere rated



  • Operations of civil engineers including earth moving, not elsewhere rated; road making; Irrigation furrow construction; sanitary engineering and/or sewer construction; bridge building and/or repairing; railway construction; dam construction; breakwater, pier and/or harbour construction
  • Note: Direct wages expended in connection with tunnelling, rock drilling and/or blasting operations are subject to the rate for subclass 0502
  • Asphalting of roads and streets is regarded as an operation incidental to road making. Operations of an asphalt contractor undertaking road and/or street surfacing are subject to the rate laid down for this subclass.



  • Maintenance and operation of irrigation works and water works not otherwise stated.



  • Erection and/or dismantling of steel structures and industrial plants including constructional steel engineering; erection and/or dismantling of scaffolds, including shuttering; any work pertaining to the alteration, repair or demolition of buildings, steeples, towers or chimney shafts over 12m in height as a business.



  • Lift, heating, ventilation and/or refrigeration installation; repair and/or maintenance if carried on as a separate business; windmill and/or fence erection and/or repairing as a separate business.